The gold light is the old light

it is the light that appears between the pines

in glimpses of radiant beams and

of sunny columns

strobes that flicker at the peripheral


giants protect the lake

a fragrant fence of needles

filtering reflected light

the pines whisper with the lake

sentinels shielding the mystery


the road slips through the trees

its passage dips and curves between

a narrow secret of cracked pave

the chemistry of transporting


the car finding this path is content

it is free to defy laws and transcend limits

its metallic carriage, incandescent beneath warm rays

basking in the journey


the driver recognizes the vehicles pleasure

its relationship with the road, bewitching pines

the declining light of halcyon

it is the moment that is the moment before


the destination is anticipation

waiting, it awaits for the driver to emerge

the secluded road opens to a widened welcome

street lights take up where the old light left off

tonight has been expecting you