she avoids remembering

all memories have been denied entry

halted at the gate, stopped and turned away

The street, the house, the town

any roads that could lead there



but not without effort

suppression became her way

a conscience choice

intentional amnesia

incorporated, absorbed, blended into being

a lifestyle


the moments moved, seasons passed

five, then ten, then twenty years

time happily neglects

forgetting became natural

no longer a conscience act

those roads and streets, the house and town

no longer remain, defunct, abolished

snuffed out


Then a thing no one predicted

unsuspecting, superficial

quiet, curious and new

something unseen and all seeing

a memory with no emotion

it found her


one future day while working

her head grey with glasses

focused on the screen

her body full and formless

comfortable in it’s age

and in the lumbar chair

the technology made it’s acquaintance, and she

innocently accepted



the past had looped around

revived, alive, resuscitated

it reached around, quietly, covertly

breaking down barriers

that hadn’t been maintained of late

or of long


so the foundation cracked the wall crumbled

the closet door flung open

revealing that, which

had been left so far behind

now stood in front

yesterday looking her in the face

shock and disbelief, unable to look away finally



flooding her – it stifles

drowning, suffocating

attacked and assailed by

a jumble of old stuff shoved into a bursting box

erupting into confusion, fear and



disoriented she looked down

the mess of old stuff scattered at her feet

sucking like quicksand

she now noticed

the debris was not so sharp

not even very large

mostly worn and faded, crumpled and rumpled

about three sizes too small

she would never wear this

not her style


settling amongst the past

she began to arrange, to coordinate and organize

calling each piece by name

conversing with the past

no longer enemies, not quite old friends

an understanding negotiated

as she neatly sorts and folds and puts away

the old laundry, notoriously and long accepted

as dirty