via Daily Prompt: Cheat

How can I explain?

I wish I did not have to. Which is why I kept it from you.  Knowing you so well. I knew you could not understand. It feels like I did this to you. A dig a stab, pain intentionally inflicted.

The truth is I was only thinking of myself. My wants and desires in the moment. I was offered a free meal and tucked in.  It was  only later, after the deed was done, that I worried for you.

I cannot explain it away.

I can tell you I don’t believe what I did was a cheat. It was selfish and I lied about it. But you are walking away from me. Not trying to understand, no forgiveness. Only raging about vows and partnership as you go.

Next time I will first tell you what I plan to do.   Maybe it will be something we can do together.