via Daily Prompt: Pretend



The following is a rambling if ever there was one.  I apologize in advance

I am tired of pretending

when I was young it was fun

pretending to be grown

to be famous or important

pretending to know all the answers


When I was still young, only less

I learned to pretend to like a person

even if I didn’t

I also pretended to like “it” when I didn’t

the “it” being food,  a song, sex, or his opinion


I noticed others did not always pretend

did their mothers not teach them as mine did

did they not know it was rude?


I crossed from young to old

and considered,

always pretending to like and to care

might be restraining me

I pushed the thought aside and grew older


Now reaching upper middle age

noticed many of the young have discarded

the pastime of pretending


they said what they thought    did what they did

how rude how uncouth I first thought


but I watched    then I tried

words I had never before used

becoming comfortable in my mouth

said no to eating the potatoes I had always eaten but disliked

shared my unpopular opinion

saying out loud – what I liked in bed (and didn’t)

I unlearned how to pretend

and it was liberating