Sacredvia Daily Prompt: Sacred




I once came upon a hamlet

hidden within the trees

A  secret spot is what I thought

A grand river ran between


The streets were named for saints

the homes were all old friends

having lived there their whole lives

and I, a visitor for the weekend


The charming view from my rented room

displayed the town as quaint

As the sun was setting I breathe it in

a scene someone might paint


Then I heard the music

ringing church bells flood the region

A song so pure, it lifts my heart

preformed for a holiday season


In the morning I stroll through shops

meeting folk who live around

I ask about the church bells

which can be heard  throughout the town


The town folk chuckle “You are all alike.”

tourists looking for the past

the church bells are recordings now

This news leaves me aghast


My perception is a fraud

rose glasses tumble from my face

I thought is nothing sacred?

Is this town is just another place?


Now my steps have lost their lift

Trudging back to the hotel

but as evening falls I hear the bells

and they tug at  my morale


Again, I look toward the landscape

just as wondrous as before

Christmas eve with church bells

could I really ask for more?