Lukewarmvia Daily Prompt: Lukewarm


The cozy covers the pot.

The one my great-aunt knit for me oh so many years ago. Worn and frayed at the edges. It may be slightly stained and not a pretty sight. Ah, well… it was ugly when I got it.  Aunt Birdie wove it into creation with left-over yarn.  Lets face it, it doesn’t have to be attractive. The old thing is nothing more than a toque used to prevent the tea from getting cold.

On this dreary day, one tailor-made for hot tea and indifference. I contemplate the knitted warmer. It’s alternating brown and mustard yellow stripes with pink pompom atop. I lift the atrocity from the pot and pour steeped liquid into my favourite mug.

At first sip I anticipate thermal comfort. What I get is tepid disappointment. (sigh) Lukewarm tea on a lukewarm day.