Farcevia Daily Prompt: Farce


the bungling duo walked arm in arm

he to her right as she dragged him along

he couldn’t look forward she never looked back

if they combined their efforts they might get the knack

but she thought him foolish

and he thought himself great

nothing ever accomplished

fault seemed ever their fate

left at the altar

on the day they would wed as all would expect

he was so late that the guests had all left

she sobbed at the altar – but not on that day

for she had arrived much, much too early, with flower bouquet

Seemed like just about everyone knew she wouldn't show.

when later they met she shouted at him

what folly! what mockery your wit is so dim!

you’re foolish and daft and not much of a bloke

you treated our nuptials as if they’re a joke –

she shook as she wailed  “was our love just a farce?”

to which he calmly replied – “my dear… kiss my arse.”