Lust via Daily Prompt: Lust 

Oh man todays word is lust.


I woke up early this morning after a night of strangely disturbing and somewhat provocative dreaming. I was happy to leap out of bed at the first flicker of daylight.

Slippers, tea and my laptop already a beautiful morning. Flip open the monitor and straight to for todays word.


Oh lusty lustful lust!

I couldn’t be happier. Just thinking the word puts a queer and slightly unbalanced smile to my lips. Don’t get me wrong, I love love but lust that’s so much more fun, and so controversial.

There is lust for life. Most agree life is something worthy of desire. A lusty attitude which only means you have a healthy energy and robust demeanor. Wonderlust is a whimsical way to describe someones nomadic tendencies.

But lust, plain old physical, instinctual, carnal, wanton fornication, now that is a sin. In fact it is considered one of the seven deadly sins. To partake is to lead to more immoralities. Basically it’s a gateway sin.

Excuse me?

I take issue with that statement.

It has been my experience where lust has led me to one of two results:

  1. we have nice consensual sensual time ending with a happily sated separation.
  2. lust turns to love. If you’re not paying attention love can kill lust. (seriously, love will conk him on the noggin and knock lust out cold. mouth to mouth STAT revive him before you lose him) In a long-term relationship you gotta keep the lust alive.

I will also mention that a little lust can go a long way. Really and truly, a little is all you need. To feel inspired, to feel sexy and desirable, to remind you of the thrill of being alive. There is, however this thing called obsession. It is not sexy. So like most things in life, moderation.


Every guy thinks they want a nymph. Then they meet me (or some other totally fun and awesome chick like me) and find out it can be more work than its worth.

woodland nymph

This is a woodland nymph. I relate to  her because I am known to describe myself as being like a woodland creature. You know, soft, timid and harmless like a bunny or a fawn. Although Hotty Scotty likes to point out that wolves are also woodland creatures. Hahaha! yes they are.