Be yourself. Good advice.

Advice I never took it until now. I had to reach forty before I found the guts to care about me.  Writing makes me happy. So simple.

To read my writings is to know me. You will meet my soul.

Hemingway said to start with the truest sentence you know. I often think on that before I begin to write. To be honest with myself sets free my soul. (where it then usually lands on paper)

My heart and personality are also exposed through my pen but it is pure essence, formed into words, that I  display (faithfully and foolishly) to the universe.

In these writings you will find  much influence from my childhood growing up in rural Ontario.

You may also notice I like humour, romance and pretty things.  To some these are things lacking in substance.  Sorry.

No, not sorry. I cannot apologize for who I am. not anymore. I like being Pauline.


my name Paulina Angela means “little angel”  I am neither little nor an angel…discuss.