A tale, not of christian Christmas, but of “Christmas-time” and what the winter celebrations mean to the Weald family. Told in a whimsical fashion about a modern family destined to become keepers to the next evolution in tradition.


each link a chapter and a blogging work-in-process


  1. Milkweed Lane
  2. Homestead
  4. A Perfect Tree
  5. Ordinary
  6. Spring
  7. Lush
  8. Dreary
  9. Acreage
  10. Moonlight
  11. Beginning
  12. Extraordinary


A year ago I created this blog site specifically for this project. I had tried to write the “Red ribbon Woods” many times only to scrap it and start again. I needed to tell the tale but couldn’t seem to get it out.

When an artist friend told me of her WordPress blog. She said it was a good way to display her work and suggested I might do the same with my story.

So the idea was born. Each post a tale unto itself, by the end connecting to reveal the whole story.

This, I thought, should only take a couple of months.  I’ll be done by Christmas. Valentines day at least.

In the end the story lead me in an unexpected direction. I was surprised. It took a year to write the twelve posts, one chapter a month. A long time for such a short story.

The last post was the hardest to write. I did not want the journey to be over. I am in love with the Weald family and selfishly thought to keep them to myself.  Having released them from my dreams they are now free to live.